Which one is Best “Whether Static Websites or CMS Websites “..?

As we knows that websites are very popular and has tremendous uses in the Area of Business, Culture, Education, Personal,, Employment, health, entertainment, Search engines and Government sectors Etc,.


There are many reasons why people develop websites, because we may use it for our personal use or may be for commercial purpose. Anyway websites can be used to display or update informations; it could lead us in sensible ways towards growth. At most today many of them use it for Business and profitable purpose.


Websites can give identification those who own websites for them or for their organization. Please keep one thing in your mind that, websites are not just a marketing tool, it’s a business tool as well. Even the smallest or local business also can utilize the power of websites, because it could be more efficient and to build revenue.


As so far we just analyses the adventure or achievement of websites, now I would like to explain whether static websites are best or there is a need to move on CMS websites. First of all we must know about what is the static websites? It’s nothing but static WebPages are predefined WebPages and it has only static information. For example, a five page website or brochure website which is simple form and marketing examples.


Today if you take survey means you will come to know that most of them have static websites that means they present only static information to user. Also visitors not able to control what information they receive via a static websites and must instead settle for whatever content the website owner has decided to offer at that time. A static website will generally provide consistent, standard information for an extended period of time. As I said before that this type of websites usually displays the same information to all visitors.


So if the owner wants to modify or else he may want to update his organization current events or he would like to add some more pages, surely he must need to contact the technical person who design his websites. Also each time the website owner has to pay a considerable amount to the technical person. So this is not a cost effective and also not a satisfied process.


From the above you can get the drawbacks of static websites. So you have the questions for me “What to do to overcome this? Or what would you like to say which is best?”


Let come to the point, from the title itself you just get the answer. Yes CMS websites – Content Management System web design and development. CMS allows the individual or the website owner to publishing, editing, and modifying content as well as site maintenance without help of the technical person or web designer those who develop the site. Also you can add more pages as you wish and update the current status.


CMS is more supportive and comfortable website creation (or web design) which is much more user-friendly to non technical and technical persons. Also CMS assist you to create and maintain a websites much faster with efficiently build and deliver easily. Using this service it will reduce the effect of maintaining costly websites also empowers you to manage your own sites and content.


Advantages of CMS Websites:

  1. CMS gives you direct control over the content on your websites as you are the controller.
  2. A CMS allows you to make changes to your site in real time if you wish, and these changes will be reflected in your search engine rankings.
  3. You will save money versus paying someone, because you no need to depend on your website developer.
  4. The re-use of content across multiple web sites or pages creates an enhanced productivity value.
  5. Reduced customer whether internal or external- dissatisfaction created by having incorrect information.
  6. Many content management systems store your information in a database system where access control mechanisms can more easily restrict access to your content


Here I listed some of the Main advantages of CMS web design but there are many uses and profitable information waiting for you. Don’t waste your money and productivity in static websites. Come front to have CMS websites for your business and personal growth.


But keep one thing that I m not concluded static web designs are worthless. It may be useful for some of them those who don’t need any further changes in their sites and also not interested to maintaining large number of static pages as files. Because they are only need the identification through their sites.


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