How to create customer trust in your Online shopping Website?

Creating customer trust is not an easy thing to do. Internet being well known for getting information and other things, it is also known for cheating too. At present days, Internet fraud has been increased along with the popularity and Internet is getting famous as well as notorious. Many customers hesitate to do online shops because they are unsure that the site will deliver what it promises. If you can build trust between your business and prospective consumers, you will attract more sales and repeat business.

1. Design a professional looking website and Eliminate any spelling errors or other mistakes on your site. Although a professional site does not make your shop any more secure, it does instill customer can not pick up and hold an item before buying it online, they rely pictures to understand what they are purchasing.

2. Provide large, clear pictures of the items you are selling. Because a customers can not pick up and hold an item before an item before buying it online, they rely pictures to understand what they are purchasing.

3. Accept major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard for payment. PayPal is another good payment method to accept for online purchases. Customers know that purchasing with a credit card affords them a certain amount of protection.

4. Include an “About Us” section on your site and place a link on the homepage so your prospective customers can find it easily. Give the history of your company, address and a phone number that customers can call with questions and problems. The easier you make it for customers to contact you, the more likely, they are to buy your merchandise or service.

5. Offer a liberal return policy and state about it clearly on your website. If you make it difficult for unsatisfied customers to return your merchandise, negative, word of mouth can kill your business.

6. Have a secure server for your customers to transmit their personal information. Certificates and secure servers increase the integrity of data transfer. Most Internet users know to look for the small padlock to ensure that the site is secure.

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