How to Build up Customer Relationship on your Website?

Every business’ top priority should be on providing excellent customer service. It costs more money to gain a new customer than to keep current ones. Your online customer service is just as important as the quality of service you offer face to face. There are many ways to improve online customer service and costs to implement some improvements are low. The most customer-friendly websites provide information and products in a quick, convenient and easy to navigate manner.

1. Build a customer-oriented website and Clearly state about what you are offering just by organizing your content, site titles and headings in a logical manner. Encourage visitors to sign up for newsletters or other call-to-action directives.

2. Create a simple, straightforward ordering process. Make sure that you don’t make purchasing products and services complicated for people.

3. Send confirmation emails. After your customers place orders, send a confirmation thanking email to them for their order. Another email should be sent when the product has been shipped.

4. Deliver products a few days earlier. It is standard that products are shipped within five to 14 business days. Exceed expectations by shipping your products several business days earlier.

5. Make returning products easy. Let customers know of shipping costs before checking out of your site. Include return labels with packages. Clearly state guarantees, shipping and refund policies. Include a “Contact Us” page with addresses and working phone numbers so that people can easily contact you.

6. Customers can text questions, concerns or talk to a live customer service representative Incorporate live-help technology. Many people are still leery of providing credit card information online despite credit card security. With live-help technology, more of your products can be up-sold, increasing your bottom-line.

7. Follow up with customers.Thank customers again, and answer any question or concerns they may have. With their permission, inform them of new products through email.

8. Answer potential questions. Always have answers to several questions customers might have with a frequently asked questions section. This will save you time and money.

9. Provide a site search engine. This will prevent customers from searching through several pages and links to find what they need.

10. Learn from your customers and ask customers to complete a quick, simple customer service survey. Allow them to comment and make any necessary changes.

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